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Award Winner of Action on Film International Film Festival, Keith Sutliff is an amazing multi-talented Director, Actor, Writer and Producer.
His "SUITCASE CITY" short Film won the Action on Film Award as Best Fight Choreography in 2015.
His work is categorised by non-linear story lines, dark desaturated lighting/color schemes, and crime genre based.
We are please to work with Keith and continuing this great experience.

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Keith Sutliff receiving the Action on Film
International Film Festival Award
Best Fight Choreography in 2015.

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USA (2017)

A group of outlaws attempt to reveal their brother’s killer from a neighbouring gang after being set up during a bank heist.

Directed and Produced by Award Winner
Keith Sutliff


Keith Sutliff
Matthew Webb
Brandon Sean Pearson
Michael Ryan Whelan
Julien Cesario
Carlotta Montanari
Tim Park
Erica Souza
Alexandria Rousset
Pelé Kizy
Gregory Grodon
Steve Bethers
David Trevino
Nazo Bravo

Film Editing:
Gio Arias
Music and Sound Design:
Federico Vaona
Errol Weber Jr.
Assistant Camera/Grip/Still Photographer:
Felix Penaranda
First Assistant Director:
Tanya Shell
Sound Recording:
Phillip Jackson
Federico Vaona
Visual Effects:
John Myers
Master Armorer:
Mike Tristano
Clay Van Sickle
Casting by
Keith Sutliff and Chad Zapfe
Makeup artist and Hair Stylist:
Julia Fae
Assistant Production Manager by
Chad Zapfe


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A skilled group of brothers and bank robbers plan a bank heist for ten million dollars at a local bank in downtown Los Angeles. A normal bank job is done in just under three minutes. While at the bank the brothers encounter the most unexpected set up resulting in the death of one of the brothers. The leader and oldest of the brothers, Ren Mason (Keith Sutliff), hires a bounty hunter, Jerry (Tim Park), to investigate and find out who set them up at the bank resulting in interrogations, shootouts, and betrayal. The path leads the brothers to the source behind the mayhem.

The brothers consist of Ren Mason (
Keith Sutliff), Jesse Mason (Brandon Pearson), and Orion Mason (Michael Whelan). Gage (Matthew Webb) is the fourth part of the group working with the brothers.

Another notable character includes “Fredrick” (
Julien Cesario). An organized crime boss in LA who works alongside the brothers and a wealthy shot caller.
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A former professional boxer and now gunman for hire is blackmailed into a string of bank robberies. However, these string of bank robberies lead to the man's past when he discovers his parent's killers from his early childhood.

Directed and Produced by
Keith Sutliff

Tim Park
Xingu Del Rosario
Erica Souza
Keith Sutliff

Cinematography by
Felix Penaranda
Film Editing by
Gio Arias
Music by Federico Vaona
Casting by
Keith Sutliff and Chad Zapfe
Makeup Artist by
Jocelyn Quintero
Assistant Production Manager by
Chad Zapfe
Assistant Director by
Gio Arias

Sound Department:
Gio Arias - Sound Editor
Taylor Bobby - Boom Operator
Jerry Gomez Short Jr. - Sound Mixer
Wes Martin - Sound Mixer
Federico Vaona - Sound Designer and Sound re-recording Mixer

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WINNER of Action On Film Festival 2015

A martial arts tournament is held in the year 2054 in a city that is run by gangs to determine the ruler of the city and the world. All the last resources for survival are in the city. The main gang leader of the city, "Orleans", has won the tournament the last eight years. However a leader, "Mason", of what remains of the police force called the "Alliance" is attempting to regain the city and win the tournament to restore justice.

Directed and Produced by Keith Sutliff
Tim Park
Cinematography by
Felix Penaranda
Music by
Christian Davis
Assistant Director:
Luis Arroyo
Stunt Coordinator:
Matthew Osborne
Assistant Camera/Grip:
Gio Arias

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