Danilo Vaona

Music Composer & Producer

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Federico Vaona

Music Composer & Producer

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Aguarecords® Productions specializes in professional music soundtracks for television, films, videogames, commercials, radio, internet and all network multimedia formats.
A wide range of musical compositions with high definition sound.
Creative recording, mixing and mastering studios based on Apple computers and high definition multimedia systems like ProTools HD, Logic X and Final Cut X.

From 1995 to Present

Founded in 1995 by
Danilo Vaona and Federico Vaona, Aguarecords® Productions is credited with more than 100 Music Productions, in the capacities of:
Music Direction, Music and Audio Post-Productions, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Web Designs, Art Work and Multimedia Videoclips.

From 2015 the new
Aguarecords® Films department is dedicated to Music Soundtracks productions, 5.1 Dolby AC3 Surround Sound Mixing/Mastering and Color Grading services for featured films, short films series and videoclips.

Music Publishing department is available upon
Vaona Music Publishing.
Book Publishing department is available upon
Aguarecords® Books Publishing.

The special
Aguarecords® VIP Lounge private club is available for exclusive members/clients only.

With the new digital solutions and "cloud servers" systems Aguarecords® is now available worldwide and collaborates at an international level.
About Aguarecords®